Three Monkeys Typing

A million of them may be able to compose Shakespeare, but these three mostly know about websites.

Why WordPress Website Security Should Be Important To You

WordPress Website Security is extremely important for every website owner. Every day, we at Production Monkeys see attempts on the sites we’ve secured by hackers from around the world. If you’re not quite sure this applies to you, read on!

An open letter to businesses working with big agencies…

Megan Kukowski

  “They are a great big, shiny agency with an impressive client list…” We’re here to tell you that bigger isn’t always better. In fact, some small agencies have all the capabilities of a large agency, just squeezed into a little, efficient package. Let us guide you through the ways of the Monkeys, you won’t […]

How to Add Images to Your WordPress Website

If you’re not as much of a “techie” as some of us Monkeys, adding images to your WordPress website may feel overwhelming; we promise it’s not that bad. To prove it, we’ll will show you just how easy it is to do it (the right way). Let’s start off by going into a post or page that […]

How to Add Links to Your WordPress Site

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Are you looking to add a link to your WordPress Page or Post? This beginner’s guide will have you making new links in no time, whether you want to link to internal web pages, another site (external site), a document you want to share or even an email address you want visitors to be able […]

The Importance of Buyer Personas…And Tacos!

Megan Kukowski

Just because you build it… That good ol’ saying is only applicable if you’re planning to run a free pizza and Nutella stand…if you build that not only will they come, but we will too. Unless that’s your brilliant business plan, it’s imperative you know your target audience. Know it, memorize it, live, eat and […]

5 Reasons to Keep Your WordPress up to Date

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Many people treat a website like a static object that you build once, put into the world and it just works forever, but the reality is that very few things in life work well without some input, changes or updates. Your car needs maintenance, your house needs maintenance, and, even though it isn’t brick and […]

Where should customers brag about you?

Megan Kukowski

“88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.” – Forbes. Hopefully you don’t need much more convincing that online bragging rights are pretty darn important, so allow us to move right along and focus on where you’re going to want these lucrative bits of greatness to come from.   Google My […]

Top 10 Facebook Must-Do’s for Your Business

Megan Kukowski

Contrary to popular belief…Facebook isn’t going anywhere! While other platforms are emerging onto the scene, Facebook is still the social media giant. Roughly 60% of the U.S. adult population has accounts, which means it’s the place you should need to be when it comes to your digital strategy. But just being there doesn’t cut it […]

Dressing up Fido? We Approve & Here’s Why…

Megan Kukowski

The Top 4 Positive Psychological and Social Effects of Dressing Your Pet Up for Halloween 1. Pets thrive on the concept of being included. You’re going for a ride in the car; they feel they need to come along. You’re eating at the kitchen table; they also feel they must have their own chair and […]

Seeking a Design Monkey

Megan Kukowski

Production Monkeys is seeking a creative, ambitious and slightly odd graphic designer. To Succeed in this Role You would be in charge of bringing the visual aspects of our clients’ marketing to life. This could range from logos and business cards, to website layouts and tradeshow signage. You’d work closely with our other design and […]