Three Monkeys Typing

A million of them may be able to compose Shakespeare, but these three mostly know about websites.

Want Facebook to Work Better for Business?

Megan Kukowski

There’s a mutual temptation among fellow advertisers to approach Facebook marketing with a “Build It and They Will Come” mentality. We’d all love to be able to throw out sporadic content and reap overwhelmingly positive results. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. We have to do a little homework in order to discover the Who’s, What’s, […]

Code Monkey Wanted

Kelli Mensen, Account Manager
Front End Developer Wanted

Should you join us, you will work closely with our team of top-notch designers to make clients happy. This isn’t just a boring coding job, you’ll be involved in every step of the development process.

All Social Media Isn’t Created Equal

Megan Kukowski

We can all agree that social media, despite the never-ending debate regarding its relevancy and brain-rotting capabilities, is here to stay. There’s no argument these platforms are a social necessity in many people’s personal lives, but now businesses have also realized the impact social media can play in their success. Whether it’s brand awareness, customer […]

Client Spotlight: Sewer Duck

Emily Anderson

When you have a backed up drain, main line, sink or toilet, Sewer Duck is the only name you need to know. Established in 1988, Sewer Duck provides dependable drain and sewer line cleaning using video inspections. They also offer portable toilet rentals and septic tank pumping services to the area. Owner Jeff Goldale bought […]

10 Homepage Dos and Don’ts [Infographic]

Emily Anderson

We’ve put together our top ten list of homepage dos and don’ts. See how your homepage stacks up. If you feel it’s lacking, give the monkeys a call and we’d be happy to discuss how best to improve it.

Coffee: The Good, The Bad & The Addicting

Kelli Mensen, Account Manager
Production Monkeys

Here at Production Monkeys, we love us some coffee so we set out to learn more about our addiction. Teddy Roosevelt, Creme Puff (the oldest cat) and really the whole world seem to share our love for the delicious beans…or should I say fruit?

Dancing Bill gif….You’re Welcome, World.

Travis Schaunaman, Creative Director

Many of you may or may be curious as to why there have been no dancing Bill gif’s on our site. Well, primarily because Kelli has not been out to shoot nearly identical images of bill in the field. Here you have it!

Blaze Orange, Shotguns and Creative Marketing. Wait, what?

Emily Anderson

Pheasant Hunting in South Dakota is second to none, and the 2014 pheasant hunting season is in full force! Appropriately named “The Pheasant Capital”, Aberdeen, South Dakota’s fields and local businesses were recently flooded by hunters decked out with blaze orange, shotguns and bird dogs. The northeast corner of the state provides great pheasant hunting […]

Landing Pages – Knowing When Less is More

Allen Day, Web Developer

It’s no secret Production Monkeys builds websites. While part of building websites is necessarily selling them, that has never been what drives us. Our goal is to match our clients with the best solution for their individual needs. Sometimes this means we get to spend months building a big website, stuffed with brilliant marketing copy […]

Emily’s Senior Art Show Held at Northern State

Emily Anderson

It’s almost here! That time of year where college graduates (hopefully) flood the market place and earn those high-paying dream jobs they’ve always hoped for. I’ve been counting down the days until my May 2014 graduation (38 to be exact), but before that can become a reality, some requirements need to be met. As the […]