An open letter to businesses working with big agencies…

Production Monkeys logo on exterior signage

“They are a great big, shiny agency with an impressive client list…”

We’re here to tell you that bigger isn’t always better. In fact, some small agencies have all the capabilities of a large agency, just squeezed into a little, efficient package. Let us guide you through the ways of the Monkeys, you won’t be sorry.

We’re cheaper than a…

Big agency, what did you think we were going to say?

Bigger agencies are going to be accompanied by bigger price tags – That’s just the nature of the beast, and by beast we mean beastly overhead. Their per-hour rates are higher, their turnaround times are longer, and their markups are steeper. Not to mention that whole nickel and dime situation? We’re pretty sure the big agencies invented that concept. Meetings, phone calls, quick edits to your site or ads? Those little fees all add up to a good chunk of money that instead could have been spent on media or future projects. And if what they produce isn’t exactly what you had in mind, you may no longer be in a position to ask for revisions because you’re already out of money…Wah wah wah.

We get the job done, and done well for a fraction of what the other agencies cost. Still not sure? Just ask Wonka…

We’re risky business – in a good way…

We house equivalent talent to that of a larger agency, with a higher level of flexibility and therefore, bolder fulfillment.

We have the capacity to get creative with your marketing, and maybe even take a few risks. Larger agencies will most likely do what they’ve always done, especially if you’re working with a smaller budget than their high-profile clients. You’re always high-profile with us, and if you have a crazy idea or vision, we’d be happy to see how we can make it a reality.

Each client is a new opportunity, not just another job — large or small.

We’re a Judgement-free zone

Ever created a brochure on Microsoft Word using clipart? Or have a do it yourself website that’s so dysfunctional, you can’t even navigate through it anymore? We’ve seen it all and we understand.

We don’t judge clients based on what they’ve produced before they came to us. Copywriting, development and design are not for everyone – and while we respect our clients’ attempts and simply work to better your brand, larger agencies may put you in a timeout…

We’ve got culture, yes we do, we’ve got culture how ‘bout you, big agencies?!

We’re from rural South Dakota, which means along with our hard-working mentality, Midwestern values and love for beef, we also have a strong sense of culture; both in our office and in our community. We’re extremely involved in the Aberdeen area, very close with our co-monkeys, and exceptionally in-tune with our clients.

You’ll enjoy working with the monkeys because we’re not only going to work our tails off for your brand, we’re also going to make it fun and relaxing for you. Most of our clients are more than just clients, they become good neighbors and friends. We’re happy to discuss marketing over a couple of drinks, but ask someone from a big agency to grab a beer with you, and they may call security…


So, while we may not have marketed the Kardashian canine clothing line, we feel our lineup of clients as well as the work we’ve produced for them is quite impressive, and we think you will too!

Give us a call at 605.262.5075 to get started on your project