Three Monkeys Typing

A million of them may be able to compose Shakespeare, but these three mostly know about websites.

How to Add Images to Your WordPress Website

If you’re not as much of a “techie” as some of us Monkeys, adding images to your WordPress website may feel overwhelming; we promise it’s not that bad. To prove it, we’ll will show you just how easy it is to do it (the right way). Let’s start off by going into a post or page that […]

How to Add Links to Your WordPress Site

Update on Red Keyboard Button.

Are you looking to add a link to your WordPress Page or Post? This beginner’s guide will have you making new links in no time, whether you want to link to internal web pages, another site (external site), a document you want to share or even an email address you want visitors to be able […]

Keywords and SEO

Kelli Mensen, Account Manager

When someone Googles a service or product you offer, do you pull up in the search? Learn how you can improve your search ranking through the use of keywords on your website.

Are You Using Google Analytics? You Should.

Kelli Mensen, Account Manager

If you’re not using Google Analytics with your website, it’s like firing a gun with your eyes closed. Well, no one stands a chance of losing life or limb without Google Analytics, but you have no idea if you hit what you were aiming for. Google Analytics helps you gauge how effective your website is and if you’re hitting your target.