Three Monkeys Typing

A million of them may be able to compose Shakespeare, but these three mostly know about websites.

10 Homepage Dos and Don’ts [Infographic]

Emily Anderson

We’ve put together our top ten list of homepage dos and don’ts. See how your homepage stacks up. If you feel it’s lacking, give the monkeys a call and we’d be happy to discuss how best to improve it.

WordPress Security and You

Allen Day, Web Developer

WordPress is a very flexible and easy to work with system for designers, developers and users. As a result it has grown to be the go-to platform for a significant number of people and companies alike. At Production Monkeys, we are no exception. We feel that the platform is an excellent value proposition for us as well […]

Our Fearless Leader Speaks to a Crowd

Kelli Mensen, Account Manager

Production Monkeys recently attended the second annual South Dakota MarketPlace conference. During the two-day event our fearless leader held a session where he provided tips to improve your website.

5 Reasons to Use a Website Wireframe

Kelli Mensen, Account Manager
Website Wireframe

At Production Monkeys, a wireframe is an integral step for each of the websites we develop. While there are many reasons to use a wireframe, these are our top 5.

Eight Tips to Improve Your Website

Travis Schaunaman, Creative Director

Many businesses in Aberdeen have ineffective websites. Improving a website’s return on investment may be easier than you expect. Follow these easy tips and you’ll be on your way to a profitable site.