Dacotah Bank

Dacotah Bank is dedicated to their customer's financial safety and continually works to educate them on the dangers of identity theft and fraud. Dacotah Bank currently had a fraud packet folder with handouts, booklets and brochures from various financial sources with great content but the overall package was lacking a cohesive brand. That's where the Monkeys come in.

Dacotah Bank fraud folder opening up

Production Monkeys revamped the content and design to create an aesthetically pleasing folder that contained all the key fraud pieces, presented in a more organized capacity. The packet was designed with a unique flap closure with fraud handouts and scam cards arranged inside, specifically focused on the customer's demographics. We were able to present Dacotah Bank with a cohesive, well-designed folder better suited to reach customers with the important information that applies to them specifically.

Dacotah Bank fraud folder papers