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What happened to the North Dakota Logo?

Travis Schaunaman, Creative Director

Once in a while, a logo redesign comes along and just demands to be written about in the Production Monkeys oft-overlooked blog.


The North Dakota state logo is one such example. Their previous logo had been a beautifully crafted customized font. It felt outdoorsy, western and full of life. The new one is boring, lazily kerned and uninspired – basically the opposite of “Legendary” on every level.

Like most people who’ve seen the new North Dakota logo, we stumbled upon it on the Internet and figured it was the product of a second rate design student who shares their mediocre projects on Behance hoping to get an entry level job at a print shop.

Sadly, it appears to be real!

How does something like this happen? Is it the product of the “design doesn’t matter” mantra of the Microsoft culture? Did a state official lose their thumb drive with the design files and need to create a marketing presentation in half an hour? Is blackmail involved?

I haven’t found answers to any of these questions yet…

If North Dakota really needed to add a verb to their tagline, they could have squeezed it into their existing logo and I wouldn’t be so sad about it all.

Important Note: The fine designers at Production Monkeys had nothing to do with the design of this logo, thankfully.