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Two Facebook Updates That Should Rock Your World

Kelli Mensen, Account Manager

Within the last couple of weeks Facebook has made some changes that should have a positive impact for marketers…if you take advantage of them.

Improve Your Chance of Being Seen on News Feeds

One of the recent changes Facebook made was to their algorithm (this determines what shows up on a news feed). With their new Story Bumping, content that may be considered old can make its way back to the top if it’s getting a lot of likes, comments or shares.  This should give you more motivation than ever to put out content that’s interesting and valuable.  Creating content that is engaging will be even more powerful.

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Spice Things up with a Contest

In the past, Facebook required markers to run a promotion within an app and on your timeline; well that’s changed. Today you can run a contest by asking people to like or comment on your post. (Uh oh, had you been doing that in the past? Don’t worry, we won’t tell.) There are not a lot of new rules to follow, but you should check them out. For those of you who hadn’t been (illegally and immorally) taking advantage of this, now you can. Imagine what a popular contest can do for your placement on news feeds with the new Story Bumping. It’s mind blowing.

Apps do Have Their Benefits

For contests that may see hundreds of entries, managing the data and the winner can be nearly impossible. Apps let you store this information in a database which means you can keep those valuable email addresses for later.

There’s another key advantage to using an app to run your contests. By running a contest on your timeline people simply have to like your post, not your page. Gaining likes for your page increases your audience for all future posts, so adding page likes is a good thing. With an app you can hide entry information to non-likers – in order to enter your contest they have to like your page, earning you a new like. We’ve seen contests increase likes for businesses by nearly 400%!

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If you’re interested in running a contest and don’t know where to start or you want it to be fabulous, give us a call.