Three Monkeys Typing

A million of them may be able to compose Shakespeare, but these three mostly know about websites.

Seeking a Design Monkey

Megan Kukowski

Production Monkeys is seeking a creative, ambitious and slightly odd graphic designer.

To Succeed in this Role

You would be in charge of bringing the visual aspects of our clients’ marketing to life. This could range from logos and business cards, to website layouts and tradeshow signage. You’d work closely with our other design and account management monkeys to delegate, collaborate and determine the best course of action for each project. We value brand cohesiveness, clean layouts and outside-of-the-box approaches to ensure our clients’ pieces cut through the clutter.

We’d love to hire someone who is open to new ideas, ready to take on unique projects and thrives under deadlines. While artistic freedom is observed, we also pride ourselves on getting projects out the door when our clients expect them to.

Experience with Adobe Creative Suite is a must, but strong copywriting abilities and overall software proficiency are also preferred. We understand that not everyone comes with a marketing and graphic design degree so if you have a strong portfolio, regardless of the source, we’d love to see it. Recent graduates are also strongly encouraged to apply.

To Succeed as a Monkey

You should be fun, energetic, enjoy long walks on the beach…Whoops, wrong classified.

Essentially, the employees that make the best fit at Production Monkeys are those who are enjoyable to work with, won’t turn down the occasional happy hour, and appreciate a collaborative work environment. Creativity and communication are key here; we take organized chaos to the next level.

If you think you’d make a good addition to the troop (Fun fact: That’s a group of monkeys) please send your resume and portfolio to

We look forward to seeing your work and having a beer!