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Less is More with Billboard Advertising

Emily Anderson

Everyone’s heard the phrase “Less is More.” This is especially true in outdoor advertising. Billboard advertisements are a very effective tool to attract attention to your business and the services you offer. Here at Production Monkeys, we have recently created a handful of billboard designs and they can be seen all over Aberdeen.




Even though each business we work with provides a unique set of skills and services to their customers, the underlying rules behind the billboard designs remain the same. Here are a few tips to help you decide if your billboard is effectively advertising.

  • Get to the point – a billboard audience has a viewing window of a few seconds, so your billboard should focus on one key objective of the business and say it succinctly.
  • Keep the text legible – the point of having a billboard is so that your audience can view it from a great distance. If your text is not clean, crisp and legible, it won’t get read.
  • Make it visually interesting – Headlines and graphics should stand out from the background and draw the viewer in. If you present an interesting combination of text and graphics, the viewer will be more likely to remember the message of your billboard.



If you find that your current billboard could use a facelift, or would like to incorporate one into your advertising campaign, give the crew at Production Monkeys a call!