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Dressing up Fido? We Approve & Here’s Why…

Megan Kukowski

The Top 4 Positive Psychological and Social Effects of Dressing Your Pet Up for Halloween

1. Pets thrive on the concept of being included.

You’re going for a ride in the car; they feel they need to come along. You’re eating at the kitchen table; they also feel they must have their own chair and place setting. You drink out of the toilet….Oh wait that’s just them.

But when it comes to Halloween and the yearly tradition of dressing up in ridiculous costumes, animals will feel left out if they aren’t given the same opportunity to participate in the slightly ridiculous nature of the holiday.


2. They will have the chance to express their political and/or social beliefs freely.

With their pent up emotions boiling over after continuously listening to their owners drone on and on all year, pets can finally have their say. As it is usually not socially acceptable for them to express how they really feel, now for an entire day they can be Trump supporters, they can be Hilary supporters, they can be Kardashian supporters. Halloween is their outlet for showcasing diverse opinions and questionable morals. Why rob them of this American right?


3. Animals need the chance to let loose and be wild every once in a while too.

Halloween is notorious for the opportunity to temporarily pose as someone you’re not, drink a little too much witch’s brew and act a little crazy. Why shouldn’t pets be given a similar luxury? Maybe they would appreciate the chance to go through an entire roll of toilet paper, dig into the communal candy bucket and find themselves on the bathroom floor for a change. And why shouldn’t they? Why?


4. Pets deserve to feel sexy too.

Hallows Eve is traditionally a time for individuals, mainly women, to wear an outfit slightly tighter and slightly more revealing than their traditional wardrobe. Their confidence bar is set higher at these outings as they are able to get in touch with their sensual side and let their low self-esteem fizzle out for one night. If we don’t allow our pets to enjoy the same degrading satisfaction of dressing up as a naughty nurse, what kind of owners are we?



Let’s face it, we’re monkeys and we love to dress up…So put that cat in a Cat Woman costume and have a Happy (and furry) Halloween!