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Creative Marketing Ideas Get Noticed

Travis Schaunaman, Creative Director

The average American is exposed to literally thousands of advertisements each day. Most businesses put their ad in direct competition with other advertisements making the job of capturing attention even more difficult.

I’ll be the first to tell you that print advertising can be very effective – mostly when done as part of an intuitive marketing plan.

I also say that businesses should look for additional, more creative ways to engage or capture the attention of prospective customers.

Recently the Aberdeen Convention and Visitors Bureau needed to get a bag to stuff with brochures and hand to hunting tradeshow attendees. Their message was that Aberdeen is a great place to hunt pheasants.

The idea came up that we could print a pheasant on a bag that would look as though the person holding the bag was carrying a shot pheasant.

The bags were a hit at the conference. They were fun and tied in well with the marketing message. Plus, they didn’t have to compete head to head with other advertisements as they would in the newspaper.

Next time you need to come up with a creative way to make your advertising stand out, give the crew at Production Monkeys a call!