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Client Spotlight: Sewer Duck

Emily Anderson

When you have a backed up drain, main line, sink or toilet, Sewer Duck is the only name you need to know. Established in 1988, Sewer Duck provides dependable drain and sewer line cleaning using video inspections. They also offer portable toilet rentals and septic tank pumping services to the area. Owner Jeff Goldale bought the company from his father in 1996 when he was just 19 years old and now operates the company, overseeing the work of five full-time technicians and four part-time employees.

Well positioned for additional growth, Sewer Duck approached Production Monkeys to develop for their marketing needs. Production Monkeys was thrilled to team up with Sewer Duck to create a marketing plan specifically tailored to their unique services, budget and potential customers. With a large span of media channels to penetrate, Production Monkeys first began designing print pieces that would speak to potential customers about Sewer Duck’s reliable service, touching on key elements like their preventative maintenance plan and great reputation for excellent customer service.




In addition to print, Production Monkeys put together a new TV commercial that’s currently airing on cable and local stations. While Sewer Duck may not technically save your life, it will probably feel like your life is over if you ever discover your bathroom is flooded with the contents of your sewer. You can count on Sewer Duck to fix the problem any time of the day or not and restore your life back to normal. The audio from this commercial was re-purposed as a radio spot and will be coming to a radio station near you.

Social media has become an increasingly important marketing tool for businesses, providing another outlet and media channel to reach potential customers. Both Sewer Duck and Production Monkeys saw the value in being cohesive and consistent over all media channels, including Sewer Duck’s current social media platforms on Facebook and Google+. The brightly colored graphics, sales copy and an overall look-and-feel were brought in from the newly designed print materials to tie together Sewer Duck’s new brand.


If you find yourself in a tricky situation involving a toilet, a clogged drain and a huge mess, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sewer Duck. Call them at 605-225-1655 or visit their website at

And if you take a look at your own business’ marketing plan and see some inconsistencies in how your brand carries over from one media channel to the next, give Production Monkeys a call – you’ll love working with the monkeys!