Three Monkeys Typing

A million of them may be able to compose Shakespeare, but these three mostly know about websites.

Top 10 Facebook Must-Do’s for Your Business

Megan Kukowski

Contrary to popular belief…Facebook isn’t going anywhere! While other platforms are emerging onto the scene, Facebook is still the social media giant. Roughly 60% of the U.S. adult population has accounts, which means it’s the place you should need to be when it comes to your digital strategy. But just being there doesn’t cut it […]

Want Facebook to Work Better for Business?

Megan Kukowski

There’s a mutual temptation among fellow advertisers to approach Facebook marketing with a “Build It and They Will Come” mentality. We’d all love to be able to throw out sporadic content and reap overwhelmingly positive results. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. We have to do a little homework in order to discover the Who’s, What’s, […]

Two Facebook Updates That Should Rock Your World

Kelli Mensen, Account Manager
facebook strategy

Within the last couple of weeks Facebook has made some changes that should have a positive impact for marketers…if you take advantage of them.