Three Monkeys Typing

A million of them may be able to compose Shakespeare, but these three mostly know about websites.

Blaze Orange, Shotguns and Creative Marketing. Wait, what?

Emily Anderson

Pheasant Hunting in South Dakota is second to none, and the 2014 pheasant hunting season is in full force!


Appropriately named “The Pheasant Capital”, Aberdeen, South Dakota’s fields and local businesses were recently flooded by hunters decked out with blaze orange, shotguns and bird dogs. The northeast corner of the state provides great pheasant hunting due to excellent habitat and conservation, along with the large number of hunting guide services available during this season and hunting seasons throughout the year.

With hunters from around the country being targeted so heavily in this area, lodges and guide services have to be unique to stand out among the competition. That’s the problem Dennis Foster, owner of Dakota Pheasant Guide and Eyetime Promotions, came to Production Monkeys with. Wanting a hunting services brochure that was cost effective to produce but also would stand apart in a sea of hunting lodge brochures, Production Monkeys came up with a cost effective, creative solution.


Once the brochures were printed, the monkeys were put to work tearing the bottom edges of the front panels to reveal the logo and contact information, while also creating a rustic, torn-edge that complements the visuals of the mailing piece. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on a die and cutting, we were able to deliver a unique mailing piece that effectively represented the company and is sure to get Dakota Pheasant Guide some attention.


If you are looking to develop an edge over your competition with creative marketing and print, give the team at Production Monkeys a call – you’ll love working with the monkeys!